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Learn to Sculpt With Fiber Clay

• Learn to work with fiber clay

• Learn to use unique armatures to create the frame for your sculptures, i.e. re-bar,

  gourds, plastic bottles.

• Learn to repair cracks and breaks through use of repair material

• Learn to dry finish sculpted pieces to make them look like bronzes

• Learn that you can fix anything

• Learn that you are creative


o At the conclusion of the class you will have a completed sculpture!

o You don’t need to have sculpted before, or to have worked with clay to be successful.

o Just come ready to create and enjoy!

o Bring pictures of things you’d like to create!!!!  I'll provide everything else!!!!

o Work does not have to be fired.

Instructor:  Joanie Wolter

When and Where:  Choose the date and venue (see Fiber Clay Sculpting link below)

Cost:  Varies by class and location (see Fiber Clay Sculpting link below)

Materials:  All are provided


In this class you will learn the skills listed below in a simple, relaxed, creative atmosphere and complete a  beautiful, bronze-like sculpture in 2 days.   This class is appropriate for ALL levels of sculptor.  Beginners are welcome!!!!


For further information email Joanie or give her a call.

In addition to the Joanie's upcoming in person classes, Joanie has an on-line course through Curious Mondo for sculpting with fiber clay. Click on the links below for further information.


 Joanie's Upcoming In Person Fiber Clay Sculpting Classes



 Joanie's Curious Mondo online course for sculpting birds with fiber clay