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Originals by Joanie Wolter


Locally World Famous and Internationally Collected


The "Just Plain Folk" Series is a whimsical look at life through the eyes of one who loves people and their individuality. From the young and perky to the aging with cellulite, saggy boobs, and extra rolls of fat, we accept ourselves and are out there living life. From happy occasions to  life changing events, these experiences generate ideas for me. Join me in having a laugh and enjoy the show.

The Ravens and Friends Series is a playful representation of the ravens, roadrunners, and other wildlife critters around Arizona. I love watching them and then recreating some of their antics, giving them a few "human" qualities and a sense of fun. Ravens, roadrunners, lizards, horses, our cats and others are all fair game for me. Please enjoy a view of nature through my eyes.

Welcone to my new Gourd Art Series. I have discovered that gourds have their own humorous personalities just begging to come out. With the help of fiber clay, gourds are transformed into critters only a wild imagination could dream up.


"Just Plain Folk" Series

Gourd Art


Commissions are welcome.  If you have a special friend, relative, or animal that you would like to have a 3D caricature of, contact Joanie.