Joanie’s Corral

Horses are such beautiful animals. In trying to create my rendition of these wonderful steeds, I looked at picture after picture. I didn’t want them to be whimsical, but I did want them to be unique in style and character. As many things do, they evolved year after year. The beads were added to the leather, as well as different height legs. Then on one of my walks, I saw a dried cholla skeleton with a bend in it that looked just like a bent horse leg. The lightbulb went on. I looked for more skeletons and built a horse with them. I loved how the cholla looked and the new character they gave the horses. I’ve experimented with gold leaf, a product called bister, and different finishes. The result has created a corral of horses that I’m very proud of.


I learned to sculpt with Fiber Clay from a gal named Laurie Acott. Her pieces were long legged, ethereal figurative pieces and my first piece looked just like me, an older, full-figured woman ready to life live to the fullest. I went with it. I was told that you sculpt pieces that resemble you. I’m hoping that as time passes, my sculptures will get thinner. That will mean I have as well.

Ravens, Roadrunners, and Critters

Here is where my imagination really comes to life. I always have an idea of what I can create. I love to give my critters human qualities, having them do things humans would do. Making them whimsical is just a part of who I am as an artist. These fun-loving creations make people smile and I’m thrilled when this happened.


I have mosaiced for years. I started years ago when I was still teaching at-risk kids and needed an escape in the evenings to relax. There was a store in Long Beach where we lived at the time where I took classes and bought all my supplies. I loved it! Although I took a reprieve for several years when we lived in Sedona, I’ve taken it up again. Needless to say, all my pieces seem to have a whimsical theme. Surprise!!!